CSU Campuses with Stretch Programs as Reported 04.12.12

Campuses with Fully Implemented Stretch Programs

  • San Francisco
  • San Bernardino
  • SLO
  • Northridge
  • Channel Islands
  • Fresno
  • Monterey Bay
  • Sonoma
  • Chico  (Chico has a longstanding mainstreaming program where all students go directly into first-year composition courses with supplemental support for students with EPT scores below the cutoff for First-Year Composition. Like campuses with stretch programs, Chico offers no remedial English classes.)

Campuses with Approved Stretch Programs in Pilot Phase

  • Sacramento (full implementation in Fall 2013)
  • Los Angeles (full implementation in Fall 2013)
  • Stanislaus (full implementation in Fall 2013)
  • Long Beach (pilot to begin in Fall 2012)
  • Humboldt (pilot to begin in Fall 2012)

Campuses with Stretch Program Proposals in Development

  • Pomona (proposal in committee, implementation scheduled for Fall 2012)
  • San Jose (proposal in committee, with pilot scheduled for Fall 2013)
  • Bakersfield (just started working on Stretch planning)

Campuses with Stretch + Directed Self-Placement

  • Fresno
  • Channel Islands
  • San Francisco
  • Humboldt (pilot DSP to begin in Fall 2013)
  • San Bernardino (DSP pilot to begin Fall 2012)
  • Stanislaus (implementing DSP in Fall 2012)
  • Sacramento (DSP Proposal in Committee)
  • Chico ((DSP pilot to begin Fall 2012)
  • Los Angeles (DSP pilot to begin Fall 2012, may or may not be linked to Stretch)

Campuses with Neither Stretch nor DSP

  • San Diego
  • Dominguez Hills

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