CSU Policies

  • EO 1110:  Assessment of Academic Preparation and Placement in
    First-Year General Education Written Communication and
    Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning Courses

    Evaluating Remediation Reforms at the CSU:  Presentation for Policy Analysis of California Education by Michal Krulander, Associate Professor of Education at UC Davis, discussing the effectiveness of Early Start.  This data has been referenced in the effort to identify “best” practices for Early Start, similar to EO 1110 mandates of more consistency and transfer credit across campuses.

    Forbes Memorandum 9.29  The memo from Eric Forbes issued September 29, 2017 describes the new requirements for placement procedures, including a list of comparable scores for EPT, SAT, ACT, and EAP.

    Webcast 9.29    Chancellor’s Office Q&A on EO 1110 and 1100.

  • EO 1100:  General Education Breadth Requirements— Executive Order 1100 – Revised August 23, 2017

    EO 1100 FAQ memo from the Chancellor’s Office clarifying GE revisions, includes a comparison chart of changes in EO1100.


  • Executive Order 1048: The Early Start Program (06.10)

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