Fall 2011 Executive Summary

16 04 2012

October 12-14, 2011  |  The Bahia, San Diego

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Composition Meeting: 7:00-9:00
This session started with announcements and questions.  We took some quick surveys and spent the rest of our time reviewing the requirements for Early Start and discussing its variations on each campus.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Announcements: EPT Committee

Plenary Panel I
This panel featured new directions in the MA Program at three different campuses:

  • June Cummins, SDSU: “SDSU English Department: A New Day for the MA.”
  • Irene Clark, CSU Northridge: “Joining the Scholarly Conversation: A New Culminating Experience for the MA degree in English”
  • Mary Boland, CSUSB: “Tracks and territories:  Complications and Connections in CSUSB’s MA in English Composition”

Plenary Panel II
This panel provided information about GE reform and a new culture of assessment in response to EO 1033 from the following speakers:

  • Kim Costino, CSU San Bernardino
  • Jacquelyn Kilpatrick, CSU Channel Islands
  • Robert Turner, Mira Costa College


James Postma (Academic Senate): New CLEP Exam for A2 Written English Requirement
Postma reported on the CLEP Exam and asked us to assess the composition exam questions.

Breakout Meetings:

  • Early Start Discussion: Sugie Goen-Salter (San Francisco)
    The group discussed the continuing problems with ES.  Then Sugie showed them her online version of ES.
  • SB 1440 Discussion: Kathryn Rummell (SLO)
    The details of SB 1440 were discussed, along with concerns the group felt about the implementation of this agreement.
  • Budget Impacts Discussion: Mimi Hotchkiss (CSULB)
    This group shared details of the budget crisis as they have been unfolding at their campuses.
  • GWAR Coordinators Meeting: Fiona Glade (Sacramento)
    The group reviewed what campuses are doing and agreed that Fiona should re-distribute the most recent GWAR survey.
  • English Education: Mary Warner (San Jose)
    The English Education Coordinators focused on the new ELD credential (English as a World Language) and issues related to it.
  • Composition: Kim Costino (San Bernardino) 
    The Composition group discussed self-publishing, the CLEP exam, and Early Start.
  • Department Chairs: Kathryn Rummell (San Luis Obispo)
    The Department chairs talked about the following topics: developmental English, DSP, tenure-track lines, TA workload, the placement of Rhet/Comp Programs in various universities, assigned time, periodic evaluation, FERPing, and faculty research/travel.
  • Graduate Coordinators: Bob Carlisle (Bakersfield)
    The Graduate Coordinators focused on the following topics: alternative culminating projects; our graduate students’ goals; employment for our graduate students; TA Programs; compensation for AM Coordinators; and financial aid for graduate students.

Friday, October 14, 2011

General Reports: Special Topics

  • Early Start
  • SB 1440
  • Budget Impacts 
  • GWAR Coordinators
  • ECCTYC (Gary Enns, Cerro Coso)
  • ERWC (John Edlund: Pomona)

General Reports: Breakout Sessions

  • English Education
  • Composition
  • Department Chairs
  • Graduate Coordinators

Resolutions and Directives: Kathryn Rummell
One resolution from the Composition Coordinators reinforcing our stance on Early Start.

Business Meeting
Treasurer’s Report: Margaret Rustick: There is no change in our total money.

  • Membership would like Kim Flachmann to post an Executive Summary on the website for each meeting.
  • We had a discussion about “special session” classes.


 Spring English Council Meeting April 11-13, 2012  |  Doubletree, Burlingame




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