Early Start Board Presentation 03.17.10

17 03 2010

Copied from a 03.17.10 email from Susan Gubernat addressed to the English Council listserv

Dear Colleagues in the English Council:

As your Senate liaison, I felt that this was something you needed to see right away. We should have some interesting discussions at the April meeting. Please be aware that though we were shown something (much vaguer outline) of what would be presented to the Board of Trustees, this specific presentation was NEVER shared with the Senate, as is customary. We have never seen the actual document that the Early Start Task Force presented to the Vice Chancellor. Since Glen was on that task force, I’m sure he can be more specific about which recommendations were followed, and which were not.

Susan Gubernat
Associate Professor, English Department | Statewide Academic Senator, CSU
California State University, East Bay | (510) 885-3520 | susan.gubernat@csueastbay.edu

Early Start Board of Trustees Presentation 03.17.10




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