FALL 2019

English Council will be meeting at the Hilton Arden West in Sacramento, October 9-11, 2019.  Additional information is available under the Events tab.

Who We Are:

The English Council is comprised of a community of English Studies professionals and affiliates across the California State University (CSU) system:  Department Chairs; Writing Program Directors; Graduate Directors; English Education Coordinators; and literature, linguistics, creative writing, ESL/EFL, rhetoric and affiliated faculty.  We advocate for CSU students and faculty by serving as a resource on issues related to English Studies, broadly conceived.

What We Value:

  • Equity, access, and success for students from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds;
  • Curricula and pedagogies that assist students in developing multiple literacies through which they learn to be creative and critical thinkers who participate as global citizens;
  • The complex and diverse work English departments and other literacy partners/affiliated disciplines conduct across the CSU under the heading of English Studies;
  • The collective wisdom of experts in the field who partner in advocating for, and collaborating with, students, faculty, and staff within the CSU and the state of California.

What We Do:

In addition to maintaining a vibrant intellectual community, we help formulate CSU policy related to English Studies by applying our professional and community-based expertise to navigate local and system-wide contexts.

We articulate, communicate, and advocate for our values by:

  • Promoting best practices in literacy education, resulting in innovative curriculum and programs across the state;
  • Mediating among diverse audiences, including sub-disciplines across CSU campuses, CSU leadership, and inter-segmentally (K-12, community colleges, and the University of California);
  • Serving as a resource and repository of expertise for partners within and beyond the CSU—including the CSU Chancellor’s Office, CSU administration, and the statewide academic senate (ASCSU)—concerning issues related to English sub-disciplines;
  • Cultivating relationships to collaboratively develop and implement policies based on disciplinary expertise, research, and data.



About the English Council of the California State University System: